5 Healthy Swaps for the New Year

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New year, new you! If you’ve committed yourself to a healthier and happier 2017, we’re here to help. Fragata’s olives and antipasti are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and good fats, and when eaten on their own or incorporated into healthy recipes, olives can contribute to a better diet. Whether you’re trying a new diet or just trying to incorporate some healthier habits into your daily routine, we have five healthy suggestions for you!

1. Eat Breakfast

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If you’ve never been a ‘breakfast person’, but tend to feel tired throughout the day, or fall victim to office snacks and sweets before lunchtime, it’s probably time to give breakfast a try! Try something light and healthy like SpamellaB’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Smoothie Bowl. Loaded with dates, banana and Fragata’s black olives for a salty kick, this can be made the night before and stored in a travel container to enjoy at work.

2. Snack Swap












One of the easiest swaps you can make is ditching the greasy crisps or sugar-loaded biscuits for a healthier snack, like Fragata Snack ‘n Olive. Available in five delicious flavours, Snack ‘n Olive are mess-free and guilt-free, so they can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!

 3. Lunch Lightly

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Feeling sluggish in the afternoons after lunch? It may be time to think about what you’re eating for lunch! Meals loaded with fat (think: pizza or fast food) could leave you feeling like you need a midday snooze. Try a lighter lunch like SpamellaB’s Roasted Squash, Cranberry & Feta Salad. Make a big portion over the weekend and bring it for lunch during the week – your energy levels and wallet will thank you!

4.  Balanced Dinner












Eating a well-balanced dinner is important to stave away those late-night snack cravings. Getting at least 1-2 servings of fruit and/or veg will help to keep you feeling full while providing loads of vitamins and nutrients. Protein is another key factor to feeling satiated. We love SpamellaB’s Quinoa, Fragata Black Olive & Feta Stuffed Peppers – quinoa is an excellent source of protein, and is a super healthy vegan meat substitute.

5. Indulge with Moderation

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Making better choices doesn’t mean giving up your favourite treats. Try making healthier desserts like SpamellaB’s gluten-free and dairy-free Chocolate Cake. It’s filled with Fragata’s black olives, beetroot and vegan dark chocolate – you can’t go wrong!

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