How long do olives last?
A good quality olive should last between two and three weeks once the tin or jar is opened if kept refrigerated.

Where can I buy Fragata’s olives?
Most of Fragata’s products can be bought at leading UK supermarkets including Tesco and online at Tesco.com, Morrisons and Waitrose. They’re also available at Ocado.com.

How can I contact Fragata?
In order to contact Fragata, please email fragata.info@acamacho.co.uk. If you have a press enquiry, please email ht@theblackeyeproject.co.uk. 

International Customers?
If you have a query about shipping or stocking Fragata products in your home country, please email info@fragata.es.

What happens to Fragata olives between tree and jar?
After growing carefully for 12 months, the olive harvest is held during September and October, when the fruit reaches its full size and before it changes colour.

Fragata olives are harvested by hand and placed into an esparto basket called a ‘macaco’, which hangs from the necks of the countrymen.

After being harvested one by one to avoid any possible damage to the fruit, the fermentation process takes place. When the olives are picked they are too bitter for consumption, so they are fermented in a brine solution of salt and water, which removes the bitterness from the olives and softens the skin. Following this, the olives are ready to be either pitted or stuffed, ready for packaging in tins, jars or pouches in the Fragata packing factory.

Are black olives a natural colour?
There are two different types of black olive. The first is a naturally black olive, which is more purple in its colouring. The second type grows green, and becomes black during an oxydisation process using water and air. The latter is much more black in colour.

What makes a good olive?
A firm, crunchy texture and a smooth skin with a natural and fresh flavour. Fragata stuffed olives look and taste similar, with the added delicate flavours of anchovy, lemon, pimiento or jalapeño.