Celebrate Pizza Month with Fragata

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October is here, and you know what that means – no, we’re not talking about Halloween or pumpkin-flavoured treats, we’re talking about PIZZA! October is National Pizza Month, and because pizza is one of our favourite ways to use Fragata olives, we’ve decided it’s time to spotlight how incredibly versatile this traditional Italian dish can be.

There’s no wrong way to eat a pizza. Whether you like it plain, piled high in toppings, or sweet (we’re looking at you, dessert pizzas), there’s a pizza out there for everyone. Take a look at the Fragata team’s favourite pies, and discover some new ways to enjoy a pizza this month!

1. Fragata’s Green Olive & Feta Pizza









Like it simple? Fragata has the perfect pizza for you. Perfectly seasoned Halkidiki & Kalamata Fragata Olives join salty feta cheese and sundried tomatoes on top of a plain passata base. Humble and healthy, this pizza is a dinner winner.

 2. SpamellaB’s Gluten-Free Pizza









If you never thought pizza could be healthy, SpamellaB’s gluten-free version may change your mind! With a gluten-free crust topped with veg, juicy black Fragata olives and high protein cheese, this pizza proves that healthy and delicious are two pizza-friendly words. We’re not telling you to eat this every night, but if you did, we wouldn’t blame you!

3. Abby’s Chorizo, Olive & Pancetta Pizza









Calling all meat lovers! Abby’s pizza covered in spicy chorizo, tasty pancetta and juicy black Fragata olives is the real deal. A homemade, doughy base takes this pizza to the next level, whilst the black olives add a briny tang to the flavourful meat. Cheesy, crispy and irresistibly good, this is everything we love about a pizza!

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