Bethany’s Olive & Sun-dried Tomato Bread

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What you’ll need…garlic-clovesolives-stuffed-minced-pimento-jar
400g strong white bread flour
1.5 tsp yeast
1tbsp oil
300ml warm water
1 can Fragata garlic olives
1/2 can Fragata pimento olives
8 sun-dried tomatoes
pinch of salt
pinch of sugar

1. Preheat oven to 180c/gas mark 4 and place all the ingredients – besides the water – into a large bowl
2. Mix all ingredients together with your hands, adding the warm water gradually
3. Knead all the ingredients for 10 minutes
4. Place the dough back into the bowl and cover with cling film
5. Leave the dough in a warm, dry place, such as an airing cupboard to prove for around 30minutes, or until it has doubled in size
6. Mould the dough into a loaf baking tin
7. Place the tin in the oven for around 30 minutes. Check the bread by tapping the bottom of the loaf. If the bread sounds hollow, then it’s ready
8. Allow to cool for 10 minutes and serve with a generous knob of butter.

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