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Back to school means back to hectic weekday schedules. Between the school run, making sure lunches are packed and homework is finished, there’s not much time left to think about planning healthy meals and snacks for the kids. That’s where Fragata comes in with these healthy, kid-friendly recipes full of Fragata olives, you can relax knowing that snacks and dinnertime are sorted!

Snack Time











Let’s face it – snack time is one of the best times of the day. After a long day of learning at school, many kids come home in need of some energising brain food. Instead of digging through the cupboard for a processed snack lacking nutritional value, why not treat their sweet tooth to a snack that looks naughty but is actually filled with brain-boosting ingredients? SpamellaB’s Rocky Road Chocolate Bars are just that – filled with Fragata black olives, dried fruit and nuts, they’re the perfect mix of healthy and sweet.












If your kids prefer savoury snacks like crisps over chocolatey biscuits, Fragata Snack ‘n Olive is the perfect after school nibble! Available in five moreish flavours and packed with vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats, Snack ‘n Olive is one snack you needn’t feel guilty about.













Say goodbye to ready meals and takeaway: SpamellaB has the perfect weeknight dinner recipe! These Chilli Bolognese Boats are the perfect option for kids who are weary of vegetables. Peppers, mushrooms and onion are disguised in a tasty tomato Bolognese served in lettuce ‘taco’ boats. Packed with fibre and filled with healthy black olives, these chilli boats will go down a treat and keep kids full.










Whether you’re celebrating good marks or simply getting through another week, there’s always an excuse for a chocolate dessert. If you’re looking for something that pleases the taste buds and packs some healthy benefits, try SpamellaB’s Chocolate Butterfly Muffins. Filled with dates, apple puree and Fragata black olives these muffins are a great way to treat your kids without loading them up with unhealthy preservatives.

What are you favourite kid-friendly back-to-school recipes? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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