The Olive Lover’s Christmas Gift Guide

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Christmas is just a few weeks away, and if you’re like many people across the country, you’ll be trying to find perfect gifts for your family and loved ones. Fragata olives and antipasti aren’t only for entertaining guests at Christmas parties and dinners – with a little creativity, they can be a fun and unique gift!

Snack ‘n Olive Stocking Filler









Our perfectly seasoned pouches of Fragata Snack ‘n Olive are the tastiest, mess-free and guilt-free stocking filler of the season! The perfect size to slip into a stocking, Snack ‘n Olive is a healthy treat that will surprise any olive lover in your family.

Olive Lover Christmas Hamper

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.01.22









A hamper is a creative way to put together the perfect Christmas gift. They can be assembled to suit any theme or budget, and are an exciting way to combine lots of complementary gifts together. Fragata olives and antipasti form a tasty tapas hamper when combined with kitchen accessories such as cheese knives, bright plates and a cutting board. This is the ultimate olive enjoyment gift for your favourite foodie!

Homemade Sweet Treats









Nothing is more special than a homemade Christmas gift. Not only are homemade gifts more thoughtful and personal than something store-bought, but they’re fun to make, too! Strap on your apron and get baking some moreish Christmas gifts with our recipe for Millionaire’s Shortbread with Black Olive Caramel (link). These can be cut into any shape you desire (we love stars, Christmas trees and gingerbread men!) and placed in a festive box or tin.

For the Olive Jetsetters

Plaza de Espana, elevated view, Seville, Andalusia, Spain, Europe

Plaza de Espana, elevated view, Seville, Andalusia, Spain, Europe












If there’s an extra special someone on your Christmas list who loves to travel, why not treat them to a holiday in Seville, Spain – home of Fragata’s olive groves! Seville has lots to offer, from bright sunny skies and tasty tapas to gorgeous architecture and interesting history. Best of all, you’ll be in the heart of Andalucia, Spain’s biggest olive-producing region!

If All Else Fails…









If you run out of time or ideas, there’s always the gift that only a true olive lover would appreciate: a big jar of Fragata black or green olives, topped with a bright Christmas bow!

How will you spoil your olive loving friends and family this Christmas? Let us know on Facebook & Twitter!

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