Pamela joins Fragata as our healthy-eating guru!

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PamelaPamela Higgins is a fitness fanatic, food blogger and recipe developer with a passion for indulging innocently in all things sweet and delicious. We’re extremely excited to have her as part of our team, sharing healthy and indulgent recipes featuring our delicious olives and antipasti. We caught up with Pamela to find out more about her, and discover her hints and tips on how to have your cake AND eat it!

What’s your day job?

I’m a freelancer working with health food brands to write content for social media, develop recipes and photograph them. Outside of my freelance work, I also run my blog focusing on health, food, fitness and recipes at I feel passionately about the industry and aim to inspire whilst showcasing the best brands.

Tell us about your approach to health, food and fitness.

For me, overall wellbeing is hugely important to me. I’m a strong believer that eating a healthy, balanced diet that isn’t too restrictive, coupled with being active on a daily basis is essential for happiness and a complete sense of feeling good about yourself. It’s not about being a size 6 or having a six-pack, but generally doing and eating more of what your body will benefit from. This helps to have a positive mindset; all aspects play into each other.

How did you come to write about food and develop recipes?

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I became interested in health, food and fitness from an early age. I wanted to learn about how food and exercise affects the way we feel and look (both inside and outside). I was never good at maths or science so a career in nutrition wasn’t my calling; instead, my creative and artistic side together with a love for writing and researching has really developed my career in this area.

Being a wheat intolerant food lover meant that I had to be conscious about the food I ate. I was already creating recipes that were both delicious and healthy – it made sense to combine my day job as a social media marketer, with my passion for food and recipes in a blog. It was an amazing creative outlet. I’m very lucky that this is now my day job.

 What’s your favourite thing to eat?

That’s a VERY tough question. It depends what mood I’m in, but I guess one of my favourites is a smoothie bowl made from all sorts of fruits, vegetables and superfood powders, topped with nuts, fresh fruit and any other toppings I have in the cupboard. Or – if I’m really craving something sweet, one of my healthy brownie recipes to satisfy my indulgent tastebuds! 

What advice would you give someone at the beginning of their health-food journey?

Don’t go to extremes. Too many people turn to cutting out wheat, dairy, meat, etc. but this only leads to deprivation and for many, it’s not sustainable. I’m wheat intolerant, so removing this from my diet is a necessity, rather than a choice. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I also choose to use sugar substitutes like stevia, or unrefined coconut sugar, which don’t affect blood sugar levels in a drastic way. Other than that, it’s more about eating as naturally as possible, choosing wholefoods over processed products and making things from scratch where possible. I really think understanding the effect food can have on your body, your mood and how you feel in general is a great starting point, then it’s up to you to make informed decisions. Balance is key – have the odd treat, just not all the time!

What’s your favourite way to keep fit?

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 09.57.41Some people are surprised when I say I don’t go to the gym. It’s never been my cup of tea – instead, I have some equipment including weights, a resistance band, gym ball and kettlebells. I do my own workout first thing in the morning at home (I use YouTube for inspiration for different body parts), then at some point in the day I always go out for a 7km powerwalk around Manchester. Years of intense road running has damaged my knees so powerwalking is the next best thing. Fresh air and getting my heart pumping clears my head and gets the endorphins pumping!

Favourite Fragata product so far?

I am obsessed with olives, and it’s a tough call between the Black or Green ones! I’d have to say the convenient snack packs of Spanish Olives with a Pinch of Lemon, they are so delicious! Zesty, the right balance of sweetness and saltiness and are just as tasty by themselves as they are thrown into salads, savoury baking or a topping for homemade pizza! 

You can check out Pamela’s first Fragata recipes here, including an indulgent black olive and chocolate cake, savoury muffins and summer pasta.

Oh and be sure to follow Pamela on Twitter & Instagram at @Spamellab!

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