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Warm Weather, Cool Food

Spaniards have summer dinners nailed down! Instead of spending blistering hot days cooking under the Spanish sun, they opt for cold and light dishes, which are a much more refreshing dinner option on those warm nights. Here are some delicious ideas to make your next hot evening a whole lot cooler (and tastier!): Salads Salads […]

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Perfect pesto by Fragata

At Fragata we love pesto, with pasta, salad or fish, we tend to lather it on and eat it as fast as we can! We’ve been trying different variations on the classic pesto, including recipes with our garlic, jalapeño and lemon stuffed olives. Each has proved a delicious triumph in the office, but we keep […]

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Christmas (Dinner) is coming…

With the festive season well and truly upon us, here at Fragata HQ one of the main topics of discussion has been Christmas Dinner, and more specifically what we’ll be cooking for our loved ones in a week’s time. Of course we’ll be serving the traditional Turkey along with a whole host of delicious veg […]

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Roasted Cauliflower

Cooking with cauliflower

Like the majority of the nation, we’ve been gripped by MasterChef fever since the latest season of the show started in March. Everywhere from the office to the pub, we’ve been discussing our favourite contestants, and of course the tastiest looking dishes. Following the final, which aired last Thursday 2nd May, everyone at Fragata agreed that Natalie Colman was a […]

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Feel the knead to bake your own bread? Rise to the challenge with Fragata!

Love bread but don’t feel up to the challenge of baking your own? Fear not, we’ve got a recipe that’s simpler than it is delicious! Our tasty olive and sun-dried tomato bread is sure to bring a slice of Spanish sunshine to your lunch break. Serve with a light fish stew, spicy pasta dish or simply […]

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Spring olive (and chicken) goodness

It may not feel it at the moment, but we have now officially entered Spring! Although the weather may be more Baltic than Bahamas, it doesn’t stop us here at Fragata getting into the Summer mood – especially food-wise. Chicken is always a perfect dinner option. It’s fast yet healthy, wonderfully filling and incredibly versatile […]

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