Spicy Olive Shakshuka

Fragata OlivesFragata Pimiento Piquillo Peppers

It took a while for Shakshuka to make its mark in the UK. But now it's arrived with a bang. Popular in Israel, other parts of the Middle East and also North Africa, it’s a brilliantly versatile dish - and it tastes delicious with olives. Shakshuka can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. (Or all three if you really want to!) It’s wonderfully nourishing, packed with vitamin-rich ingredients as well as plenty of protein from the eggs. Here you get the sweetness of roasted red peppers, the distinctive aromas of the piquillo peppers, the satisfying mushroom textures, flavoursome herb-y olives, all accompanied by perfectly poached eggs. (Eggs and olives create a wonderful flavour combination that’s often overlooked, but it really works a treat here.) The beauty of Shakshuka is its simple yet bold flavours and spices. So don’t be afraid to layer up the flavour. Some people add feta or goat’s cheese too. It’s all about the tastes that work for you. Using Fragata olives seasoned with Garlic & Thyme is an easy way to add extra herb flavours, but you can add almost any olives you like. To serve it up, there’s nothing finer than hunks of chunky bread. It’s the perfect accompaniment to clean your bowl with, soaking up all the immense flavours of this incredible dish.


  • 1/2 pack Fragata Garlic & Thyme pitted Olives
  • 2 slices Fragata Pimiento Piquillo Peppers
  • Tbsp Tomato puree
  • Small red onion
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 slices Fragata Roasted red pepper
  • 150g chestnut mushrooms
  • 3 free range eggs
  • Handful fresh basil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Red pepper flakes to taste
  • Olive oil for cooking


  1. Finely dice the red onion and garlic and heat these in a frying pan with a little olive oil. Saute over medium heat until softened and fragrant.
  2. Slice the red peppers and mushrooms and add these to the pan also, along with the chopped tomatoes and half a can of water. 

  3. Reduce the heat to a simmer. 

  4. Season to taste with salt, chilli flakes and pepper and add in the tomato puree. 

  5. Once the sauce has started to thicken and reduce down, stir through the olives and some fresh basil leaves. 

  6. Make three wells in the sauce and crack the eggs into each. Cook for a few minutes, then place the pan under the grill to cook the top of the eggs. You want the yolks to still be runny. (make sure to use a pan safe for oven use)

  7. Serve with some slices of chunky bread for dipping and enjoy!