Our Story

Our story begins over 100 years ago with our founder Don Santiago Camacho Roman. Today, Fragata is still in the family. Handed down through the generations like the inspiration for our flavours. And we’re still in Andalusia, where our olives are grown and prepared. Well, it’s all that experience and sunshine that helps us bring to you, your Mediterranean moment.

The traditionally harvested taste We’ve stuck with Don Santiago’s mission to help as many people as possible to enjoy the tastiest olives around. Our Manzanilla and Queen olives are still picked by hand and packed in a traditional ‘macaco’. Sometimes the old ways really are the best.

Creating new moments One thing that has changed over the years, is just how many different Fragata olives you can now enjoy. We’ve taken the Spanish culinary traditions of marinating, filling and mixing olives to make it easier for you to create your Mediterranean moments. Now you can add extra flavour to picnics, parties and barbecues, liven up salads, pasta, and pizzas, or even create your own simple marinades. Whatever you do, Fragata creates a delicious choice of exciting possibilities.

Bringing More To The Table

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