For your mediterranean moment

Snacking to salads, pizza to pasta, tapenade to marinade, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy our olives. So we’ve put together a few ways you can really make the most of them. (Just remember to keep a few extra aside for snacking whilst you’re prepping!)

Olive and mozzarella savoury muffins

Heart-shaped puff pastry tart with Fragata olives and Pimiento Piquillo peppers

Chicken, broccoli and peppers stir fry with Fragata olives

Salmon mousse snowman with Fragata olives and Pimiento Piquillo peppers

Mini jacket potatoes with smoked salmon & Fragata olives

Deviled eggs with beetroot hummus and Fragata black Hojiblanca black olives

Halloween stuffed mushroom Eyeballs

Green olives marinated with almond, mint, pomegranate molasses

Fragata black olives marinated with feta cheese, red onion, capers and cherry tomatoes

Anchovy filled olives marinated with lemon , garlic and parsley

Courgette and aubergine salad with Fragata olives, feta cheese and walnuts

Bell peppers and Fragata black olive crostini with Tzatziki sauce

Perfect Picnic Quinoa & Olive Salad

Mediterranean Fragata Olive Sharing Platter

Roasted Vegetable & Olive Kale Salad

Super Veggie Pesto Pasta


Spicy Olive Shakushuka

Easy Warming Winter Olives

Beetroot And Olive Bruschetta

Super Green Olive Pasta with Fragata Chorizo Olives

Rainbow Salad With Fragata Chorizo Stuffed Olives

Spring Fragata Olive Salad Bowl

Roasted Cauliflower and Olive Salad with Fragata Olives

Mediterranean Power Bowl

Mediterranean Power Bowl with garlic tahini dressing

Winter Rainbow Olive & Quinoa Salad

Stoneless Hojiblanca Green Olives & Quinoa Salad

Citrus Glow Martini

Citrus Glow Martini

Vegan Recipe Nourish Bowl

Vegan Nourish Bowl

Spring Vegetable, Lemon & Olive Risotto

Spring Vegetable, Lemon & Olive Risotto

Olive Pizza

Healthy green olive & feta pizza

Sour cream & caper mini jackets

Citrus Marinated Olives

Mediterranean Pickled Olives

Hot and Spicy Anchovy filled Olives

Chilli, Thyme and Orange Olives

Stoneless Olives with Rosemary and Mixed Peppers

Chorizo and Garlic Marinated Olives

Sicilian Grilled Olives

Piquillo Pepper Olive Salsa and Smashed Avocado on Toast

Chorizo Filled Olive Marinade Platter

Piquillo Pepper Filled Olive Pasta

Pitted Black Olives

Italian Inspired Mixed Marinated Olives

Spanish Marinated Olives with Manchego Cheese

Gin Marinated Olives

Chorizo and Tomato Marinated Olives

Mixed Olive, Sun-dried Tomato and Feta Muffins

Roasted Vegetables with Lentils and Feta

Chicken and Green Pesto Pasta