Delicious ideas for olives

Enjoy olives even more

You may have seen the surveys in recent years suggesting that the average person has from five to nine recipes in their go-to repertoire. Getting stuck in a routine can easily happen with how you eat olives too. But there are so many ways to enjoy them! 

Experiment with olives

Olives are incredibly versatile. You could start adding olives to your go-to recipes, marinade them with your favourite flavours, or go for something totally different. Olives are great at every time of the day too – from breakfasts and mid-morning snacks, to packed lunches and evening meals, right through to night-time nibbles and party food. See how many new ways you could start enjoying olives. 

What do olives go with?

Getting creative in the kitchen starts by getting to know flavours. Once you have an idea what combinations work well, you can add olives to existing recipes or try out totally new ones. If you always put olives with pizza, give them a go with lunchtime sandwiches. If you like olives as an evening snack, try marinating your own with flavours you love

Classic olive combinations

There are some obvious olive accompaniments, but we can try these in new ways too. Take olives and tomatoes. Of course, it’s a yes to olives with pizza and pasta sauces. But how about in meaty tomato-based stews and hotpots? Or marinating olives with sun-dried tomatoes? 

Enjoying olives with a cheeseboard may seem obvious, but you could marinate Manchego or Mozzarella with olives and herbs. Warm olives taste delightful too, and go wonderfully with warm goat’s cheese or camembert. Or how about creating a cheesy dip such as whipped feta? Ideal served up with Fragata Stoneless Kalamata Olives seasoned with Garlic & Rosemary

Which herbs are good with olives?

Rosemary, thyme, coriander, cumin… olives go with almost every herb you can imagine, as well as chilli and garlic too. That’s why you’ll find Fragata olives filled with Jalapeno as well as ones filled with Garlic. You can use our filled olives to give an extra boost of flavour, whether in a salad, a pasta dish, or anything else. 

Do olives go with citrus? 

Sharp citrus flavours work wonderfully well with olives. Orange and olives create an unexpected treat, whether it’s zest in a marinade or with an orange-glazed pork. Fragata Manzanilla olives seasoned with lemon make a great snack, but can also liven up a fish dish. A staple all around the Mediterranean sea, olives go beautifully with shellfish and white fish particularly. You’ll find recipes with prawns and smoked salmon here on our website, as well as a delicious salsa to accompany your choice of white fish. Of course, olives and anchovy are an obvious choice, and you’ll find Fragata olives filled with Anchovy (as well as our reduced salt option). 

New ideas with olives

There are a few flavours that work with olives which you might not have thought of. Carrots and almonds both go well with olives. You could enjoy them in an olive salad, or roast them together. Eggs and olives go brilliantly too. Stir chopped olives through scrambled eggs, add to shakshuka, or make an egg, tomato and olive salad. Or how about potatoes and olives? Our Baby Baked Potatoes with Olives, Capers & Sun-dried tomatoes is proof of how delicious warm olives are. 

Olives and more

Olives and cumin, olives and beef, olives and capers, olives and thyme, olives and prosciutto, olives and prawns, olives and chilli, olives and lemon, olives and fennel, olives and tuna, olives and lamb… olives and so many flavours go together beautifully. So give your olives a new lease of life by thinking of them in a whole new way. And give yourself a whole new repertoire of incredibly tasty olive ideas.